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this might be the greatest weapon man has ever conceived.

I am doing this later

Please post blueprints and instructions.


-Paint Roller (preferably one thats wired on the inside so the TP can fit snuggly in place)

-1-2 Rolls of Toilet Paper

-Blow Dryer (or leaf blower for maximum *whoooosh*)

-Duct Tape


-Take paint roller and place a top the barrel (make sure its straight and steady)

-Have at least 5 inches of distance from the roller head to the end of the barrel.

-DUCT TAPE THE SHIT OUT OF IT (make sure the roller is secure and stable for minimal movement/shake. Make it so that the roller wont roll around on the barrel when using or moving around) 

-Once secure, attach toilet paper to roller with the end of the toilet paper going over, towards you. The TP end should be hanging down facing you.

-Make sure the TP is snug and fit so that when the roller spins- the TP spins also. (If not- you’ll need to add something to stiffen it and stay place; maybe a ruler, folds of paper, or more duct tape.)

-Roll out some excess TP before firing to get the roller rolling

-TEST.TEST.TEST (laughing maniacally is optional)

-choose a victim (laughing maniacally is required)


(Source: 4gifs)

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